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Rotating Vintage Hourglass

Rotating Vintage Hourglass

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This classic yet exquisite hourglass is not only useful for timekeeping, it is mesmerizing and brings elegance to the room. Whether it be used for studying, exercising or simply just there for decoration, it is beautiful and unique and is a symbolic representation of the fleeting nature of time. The rotating element of this hourglass adds more depth and attracts attention, making it a perfect home decor addition.

  • Material: Metal & Glass (30/60 minute hourglass)
    Plastic (15 minute hourglass)
  • Size:
    15 minute hourglass - 22cm x 19cm x 11cm
    30 minute hourglass - 24cm x 22cm x 14cm
    60 minute hourglass - 27cm x 24cm x 16cm
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